The Amazing How To DIY Super Hero Photo Booth

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We've recently started selling Capesters, a product that has the unique ability to turn regular stuffed animals into Superheroes! 

Capesters                  Capesters

Pretty amazing right??  In honor of the Capesters we wanted to take the super hero fun to the next level with a week full of DIY Superhero Party/Craft ideas!

Super Hero Photo Booth Extravagana

Below are a bunch of ideas on items you could use to create the Photo Booth

General - Scissors, Glue, Safety Pins, Popsicle Sticks, Paint

Back drop - Sheet, Butcher Paper, Dollar Store table cover

Skyscrapers - Shoe boxes, Shoe Box Lids, Felt, Construction paper, Cardboard Boxes

Action Words - Pow, Bang, Bam from One Charming Party

Dress up Stuff - Hero Mask, Hero Capes, Hero accessories like a DIY shield, and some cut outs

Some visuals from people more creative than myself:

The lying down Super Hero Photo booth from One More Mushroom. I know the cuteness is killing me too!

The Gotham City Staple Back Drop from Up On Tippy Toes


Back to the Basics from Evite



Gotham City with some glam from This Girl's Life

Good luck and have fun!



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