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Now offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40

We know everyone loves free shipping. We love free shipping. Oprah loves free shipping. Michael Scott loves free shipping. Even Jack Nicholson loves free shipping.


So here it is. Playfully Ever After is now offering free shipping on orders over $40.  

We wish we could offer free shipping on every order, regardless the amount, but contrary to popular belief shipping stuff costs money and we are in business to make money so we can pay the bills, feed the kids and eventually take over the world (not necessarily in that same order). $40 is the magic number that still lets us make a little money while offering free shipping.

(Borimir gets what I'm talking about)

So whether you're buying princess costumes, wooden train sets, pillows, bike lights or Lego compatible bricks...get the total over $40 and you get free shipping. YAY!

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