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"I want playtime to last 10 seconds!" said no parent ever! If you love the idea of your children using their imaginations, learning names and functions of different items in the kitchen, and playing for extended periods of time, this could quite possibly be the gift that keeps on giving (to you and your child). Take a peek at this short video to see the Hape Kitchen in action.

The Hape kitchen shown above is their Gourmet Kitchen set that includes a good amount of kitchen accessories. If you are interested in just the Basic Kitchen set without the extras, that is also an option. If you are wanting some accessories to add to your Hape kitchen or if you already have a play kitchen and would like some great additions, check out the options Playfully Ever After has available. Just click on the picture for more information! 

The Basics: 

Toy Fruits and Vegetables          Toy Dish Set      Toy Kitchen Condiments and Dairy

Baking, Desserts and Tea Parties:

Toy Baking Set and Apron             Toy Donuts and Dishes            Toy Tea Set

Meal Deals:

Toy Hamburgers and Hot Dogs                   Toy Ice Cream and Pizza                    Toy Salad and Pasta

Microwave and UV Rays:

Toy Microwave and Play Food                   Toy Picnic Set                  Toy Lunchbox and Play Food

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