FREEZE! Now checkout our Ice Princess Dresses

Posted by John Burger on

Now that's a team picture. 

We saw this picture and could not stop smiling at the cuteness factor it produces. A few of the dresses in this are Little Adventures brand, like the girl on the top row holding the pink bat. We love our Little Adventures dresses because...

  1. They are machine washable
  2. Amazingly cute designs
  3. Easy for kids to take on and off themselves. No zippers or buttons!
  4. Non-itchy fabrics and seems
  5. Stretchy bodice for comfortable fit
  6. They are made to last and for repeat play
  7. Designed by moms who know what they are talking about

FREEZE! Now checkout our Ice Princess & Scandinavian Princess Dresses by Little Adventures. Finally an affordable dressup that is machine washable and made to last!

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