Introducing Capesters! Hero Up Your Dolls & Stuffed Animals

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Capesters was created by Adrienne Burger, a stay-at-home mom of 5 children. Adrienne wanted to make a fun gift for her 4 year-old son who loved to pretend his small stuffed animals were super heroes. After searching online for mini capes and finding nothing affordable or of decent quality, Adrienne decided to make some capes herself using scrap felt. She traced out her own super hero symbols and cape shapes, cutting and assembling everything together. When he received the capes, her son absolutely loved them! She was amazed by how much time he spent playing with the capes and the creative super hero names and powers he came up with for each hero. Soon he had a large ensemble of heroes and villains, bringing out all of his old stuffed animals to play with. His older and younger sisters joined in to play with him and together they brought epic super hero stories to life. 

Seeing an opportunity, Adrienne and her husband set out to make more capes and test them for resale. This proved a harder task than originally thought. To hand make a set of 6 capes took hours of tracing, cutting and assembling. After further research and expense they invested in the tools necessary to speed up the process and mass produce the capes with precision cuts and shapes, making Capesters a viable product. Each cape set is still handmade in the USA and comes with a create-your own Capester hero coloring page in each set.

Hero-up your toys with Capesters! Each Capesters set comes with 6 reversible felt capes for a total of 12 fun designs. Now children can easily turn their mild-mannered stuffed animals and toys into super heroes to save the day or arch-nemesis villains. Capesters adds a new dimension of play and imagination for kids with their plush animals and dolls.

Capesters breathes new life into old stuffed animals and dolls and we've found it pretty hilarious what super hero names and powers kids come up with as they play with them. All capes come with a Velcro neck enclosure, making it easy for kids to take the capes off and on by themselves and easily switch them out.  As of now there are two sizes (medium for 14" and smaller toys) and (large for 28" and smaller toys).

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By Heidi M on May 4, 2015
These doll capes are adorable! Of course my daughter absolutely loved dressing her dolls up as superheros. It gave new life to old dolls and animals that werent getting used, now new hero favs! These are not just well made but hand made, and just so cute. Each cape is reversible and has a different emblem on each side. Package of 6, so there's enough for all her babies. I recommend!

on May 6, 2015
Such cute little capes!!! My LO immediately pulled out all of her stuffed animals and dolls and wanted each of them to have a cap. She loves them and wants one for herself! Great way to make playing with her animals and dolls more fun! Thank you!

on May 8, 2015
I got these (and the villain ones) for my 6 year old niece and she was so excited, especially for these! We love the fact that they are reversible, only need space for 6 capes but you get 12 looks! The quality was really impressive and I love that they are handmade items! Impressive quality and made with love.

We love our Capesters! Why just wear a cape yourself when your stuffed friends can be super too? My daughter has loved dressing up her "super friends" and carrying out secret missions- and the names she has given each of these capes are really fun too. This is a toy that will spark the imagination of your kiddo for sure- let them use their dolls and stuffed animals in a whole new way!!

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