Amazon Account Management Services

Amazon Account Management

My name is John Burger and I want to help grow Amazon sales for your brand. I'm the owner of Playfully Ever After and we've been selling through Amazon FBA for 9 years with over $12 million in sales.  


  1. Build and manage all Amazon listings for your Amazon Seller Account.
  2. Provide reorder reports for product replenishment to send to Amazon FBA warehouses. Selling via FBA allows your products to be part of the Amazon Prime program, which is the way to go for the best exposure and sales.
  3. Manage all Amazon advertising to drive sales, keeping the ad spend under 10% of total sales (Manual and auto keyword ads, sponsor headline ads, product target, sponsor offsite ads). Effective Amazon Ads are key to driving large sales with a great ROI.
  4. Help get your brand registered on Amazon with your trademark.
  5. With the Amazon brand registry, we can build custom descriptions with Amazon's Enhanced Content, add videos, and do special branding campaigns on Amazon.
  6. Build an Amazon storefront after the brand is registered.
  7. Handle all Amazon customer service questions.
  8. Work with you to plan sales promotions (Lightning deals to clearance out discontinued product, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials, etc...)
  9. Build the product and seller reviews through an automated customer messaging system.
  10. Provide daily Amazon sales and advertising reports for your company.

We charge a straight 5% commission on all Amazon sales, minus any returns and sales taxes.

All of our contracts are 1 year in length and can be renewed each year. There is no cash up front and we invoice you on the 5th of each month for the previous month's sales.

Besides continuing to sell our own private label items, we've manage the Amazon account for Little Adventures since 2018, we've helped Little Adventures grow 72% on Amazon, well into the seven figure range, and the growth continues into 2021.

First, you might be asking, "What's up with this craft felt website?" It's our private label craft line that makes $500,000 in sales a year on Amazon. All of our amazon busninesses, including conulting and managing for other companies, falls under our company Playfully Ever After. 

You might also ask why we want to manage Amazon accounts for other brands instead of just continuing to resell products. The answer to this is that Amazon reselling has become extremely competitive over the last few years with thousands of new sellers joining the Amazon marketplace each month to sell the same products as other sellers. These new resellers break MAP prices, shrink margins, and hurt the brands they resell. 

At one point we carried over 30 different brand lines, buying and reselling on Amazon. But now our focus is our private label, and helping brands become established in teh Amazon marketplace.

The future for sustainable growth on Amazon is private label brands selling their own products on Amazon. This cuts out the middle-man, cuts out resellers, and gives the brands control of their products on the largest retail site in the world while making a higher return.

But most brands don't have the expertise and experience to manage and grow their sales on Amazon. That's where we come in. At Playfully Ever After we have the knowledge and the years of Amazon selling experience required, and we do it at half the rate of other Amazon management companies.

Other Amazon management companies charge 10% or higher commissions, often requiring brands to sell through their management company account instead of creating an Amazon account for the brand. 

Honestly, 10% commission is too high for Amazon. And if another company is selling/managing your products under their seller name instead of yours, you're missing out on the benefits of having it under your roof and building your own brand.

We help create an Amazon account for your brand, from scratch if you don't have one already, and then we build it from the ground up. We only make money if you make money. And we're confident in our abilities to make sales so everyone wins.

We're a family-owned company. We won't turn your account over to an untrained brand new account rep. We have the experience to help you avoid pitfalls and grow your sales, because we want to make money too.

If you'd like to discuss growing your Amazon sales and find out if we're a good fit to help you, please contact me below to schedule a call. 

All the best,
John Burger
Owner - Playfully Ever After