I Am Sleepless: Traitors Book 3 (Age 8+) - School Visit Order

Johan Twiss

  • $ 10.00

  • Signed Paperback Copy
  • Clean Action-Adventure Scifi/Fantasy
  • Ages 8+ dependant on reading level.

A secret island, mythical beasts, and unsuspecting traitors. Will Aidan discover the hidden android army in time to save his friends? 

After the devastating loss in Vapor City, Aidan and his ragtag team search for the Reader and the remnants of the rebellion—desperate for his help to save their captured friends. Aidan continues to develop his abilities and is led to the island from his visions where he faces a legendary beast and gains a remarkable new companion. But the discovery of an android army hidden by Director Tuskin, and a deep betrayal from those Aidan trusted, lead him into a tailspin that tests his integrity, his loyalty, and his newfound powers.

"Cannot wait for the next one!" - WhisperingStories.com

"Fantastic for all ages" - Ellisa Barr, author of Outage

"Exciting!" - ReadersFavorite.com

"An absolutely amazing series" - PlayfullyEverAfter.com

"A gripping adventure" - David Christiansen, author of Alter Ego

"A riveting page-turner" - Jen Johnson, author of Scarlet

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