I Am Sleepless: The Huntress - Book 2 (signed paperback)

Johan Twiss

  • $ 9.99

The plan was simple--escape, join the rebellion, find the Reader. But nothing is simple when Director Tuskin sends his Huntress after you. In this thrilling sequel, Aidan and his coterie are put to the test, entering the outside world for the first time after discovering the secrets of Sim 299.

**(Paperback copy signed by the author)

"Exciting and well-paced...another entertaining read with a page-turning storyline." -  Readersfavorite.com

"This sequel to I Am Sleepless: Sim 299 is packed not just with action but also with solid character development, thought-provoking plot points, and an ending sure to leave you hungry for more!" -  Heather Monson, Editor

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